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TimeshareGrades.com was founded by a small group of timeshare owners who found reliable information about the timeshare industry hard to come by.  Our group of reviewers (staff and guest) get the process started by posting our experience or information about a timeshare-related company/person.  We encourage you to search for a timeshare related company/service/person in the right-hand column and leave your own feedback (positive and negative) on your own experience.

Our goal is to provide an open venue for discussion and consumer warnings on potential scams and unscrupulous practices in the timeshare industry.  There are many good companies and an equal number of bad companies to be aware of so please help your fellow consumers by telling the community about your experience.

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  1. Hi There Timesharegrades,
    This might be off topic, however, I am interested in any books published on the Timeshare industry regarding sales/marketing etc, many thanks.
    I look forward to your next post
    Lonnie Gibson

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